A Guide to pancakeSwap:

pancakeSwap is an unconnected exchange running on Binance smart chain, with many other features that allow you to earn and win tokens. It’s fast, cheap and anyone can use it. It also has pancakes wrap and rabbits.

PancakeSwaphas not been audited. Fundraising in smart contracts is always a big risk, even for audited and highly reputable projects. Never save more than you can lose. It may sound a bit like Ethereum’sSushiSwap(community Governance, Liquidity provided Token Form),but it also involves some kind of stacking mechanism.

Farming and staking:

But wait and that too pancakeSwap also allows you to create a secondary token cake form. On the form you can submit your LP tokens closing them in the process that gives you the cake. So far there are 12 types of token that you can collect. You receive on LP tokens for depositing some funds and you have to get this cake form from there it is possible to get syrup for the delivery of cake tokens which include process token and talk of tickets in the up coming lottery mechanism.

Using pancakeSwap:

You see if you go to pancake swap finance you won’t have access to a lot of features and less you unlock your wallet. Click the button that prompts you to do so and you will find two options metamask and wallet connect. But wait we hear you say isn’t mat mask and Ethereum wallet?

Yes it is but the  architecture of Binance smart chain is such that you can use meta mask to interact with BSE based DEPS. If you want to use meta mask just you check out how to use the metamask guy then follow the steps in the Binas chain.

Adding Liquidity:

again if you have used sushi swap previously then you know the drill . To farm cake you need to first add liquidity to the exchange.

Is pancakeSwap safe?

as of September 3 2020 pancakeSwap has not be addicted. Fundraising in smart contracts is always a bug risk even for audited and highly reputable projects .never save more than you can lose.

PancakeSwap is an unconnected exchange running on binary smart chain with many other features that allow you to earn and meaning tokens. It’s fast cheap and anyone can use it . it also has pancakes and rabbits.

the developers of pancakeSwap offer high fees and these low space of the Ethereumblock chain as the driving factors for building on the Binance smart chain.Ethereum may have started the defense trend but initiatives such aspancakeSwap suggest that the wave of innovation is spreading to other chains .the pancake agreement has not yet been audited. once approved you will need to select the amount of cake you want to stake. Such Ethereum high definition users are in sync with that environment which is very low in the production of popular troll pools. But it is not necessary to be aware of the lucrative opportunities in the deficient space as well. on one occasion there are liquidity pools on dex Run by bank smart  China. Liquidity  supply on the pancake swap an Ethereum ecosystem is not available on the login section maximum yield is being obtained from the square a strategic method or transaction in Binance smart china average 8 cents first of all investors can stay with ADA BA&B DOT and E OS pancake sweep to a minimum .